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U2 Vertigo Quiz
1) When will Vertigo be released worldwide ?
a) Not soon enought
b) April, 1st
c) November, 8th
d) It's not worth being released
2) Who directed the film Vertigo was named after ?
a) Hitchcock
b) Almodovar
c) Phil Joanou
d) Bill Clinton
3) Who is pictured on the cover of the Vertigo single ?
a) Bruce Springsteen
b) Bono
c) The Edge
d) Naomi Campbell
4) What is the name of the forthcoming album ?
a) Vertigious
b) How to dismantle an atomic Bob
c) How to dismantle an atomic bomb
d) All that you can't leave behind II
5) What does "unos, dos, tres, catorce" means ?
a) unos, do, tres, y viva Ricky Martin !
b) one two three, four
c) one, two, three, fourteen
d) one, too, free and... oh sh*te, can't remember
6) Which country below will have the misery to get the Vertigo single 2 days later than the others ?
a) USA
b) Germany
c) Japan
d) Moon
7) What did Bono say was the song Vertigo about ?
a) His relationship with Ali
b) War in Iraq
c) His Nobel price nomination
d) Myself
8) What will be the second track on the Vertigo 2 tracks single ?
a) Electrical Storm
b) Are You Gonna Wait Forever ?
c) Neon lights
d) Born to be alive
9) Who wrote Vertigo ?
a) Bonnie & Clyde
b) Ebony & Ivory
c) Bono & The Edge
d) Bono & Adam Clayton
10) Which is the best site for information about Vertigo ?
b) This site, of course !